Running for township office

All permanent residents of the town of Pequaywan are eligible to run for election to township offices. In order to get on the ballot, you will need to download and complete the AFFIDAVIT OF CANDIDATE AND RECEIPT FOR FILING and pay a $2.00 filing fee to the Clerk. For information on filing deadlines and to view the public notice of the election, go here.

Elections for one Supervisor position and for the Town Treasurer will take place prior to the Annual Meeting, March 14, 2017.

In addition, a proposal to change the Town Treasurer from an elected position to a position appointed by the Board of Supervisors, referred to in Minnesota Statute 367.30 as “Option B” for Township Governance will also be on the ballot. (The Town Treasurer is a non-voting position.)

This proposal is being made because the current treasurer is unable to continue serving and because no qualified candidates for the position have stepped forward.

The ballot question will read:

“Shall option B, providing for the appointment of the treasurer by the town board, be adopted for the government of the town?”

A “Yes” vote on the “Option B” question will authorize the board to appoint a Treasurer.