Township Resolutions

Pequaywan Town Resolutions passed by the Board of Supervisors:

Resolution 2021-002 Absentee and Main-in Balloting Ballot Board

Resolution 2021-001 Appointing Election Judges


Resolution 2020-016 Mail Balloting for 2021 March Election

Resolution 2020-015 Accepting the CARES Grant

Resolution 2020-014 Resolution for Statutory Conflicts of Interest

Resolution 2020-013 Resolution Adopting the Minnesota Townships General Record Retention Schedule (Note: a copy of the resolution was submitted to the Minnesota Historical Society, State Archives, on November 9, 2020 and was acknowledged receipt on November 10, 2020 by Charles Rodgers, Government Records Archivist)

Resolution 2020-012 Supporting Mail Voting for November 2020 General Election

Resolution2020-011: Establishing a Policy for the Compensation and Reimbursement of Town Officers

Resolution2020-010: Resolution for One Signatory Check to Pay Claims

Resolution2020-009: Resolution for 2021 Levy

Resolution2020-008: Resolution Designating Annual Polling Place

Resolution 2020-007:Resolution Establishing the Ability to Conduct Open Meeting by Telephone

Resolution 2020-006: Resolution for Appointing a Deputy Treasurer

Resolution 2020-005: Resolution for Appointing a Deputy Clerk

Resolution 2020-004: Resolution to Purchase State Tax Forfeited Land

Resolution 2020-003: Resolution for Voting Equipment Grant Funding Application

Resolution 2020-002: Appointing the 2020 Absentee Ballot Board

Resolution 2020-001:Resolution for Appointing Election Judges


Resolution 2019-010: Short Term Rental Recommendations to St. Louis County

Resolution 2019-009: Resolution for Speed and Axle Weight Restriction for Portion of West Branch Road Under Pequaywan Township Responsibility

Resolution 2019-008: Resolution of Motorized Vehicle Use on Township Land

Resolution 2019-007: Resolution for 2020 Levy

Resolution 2019-006 Resolution for State Deed Application for Tax-Forfeited Land

Resolution 2019-005 Information Request Form

Resolution 2019-004 Establishing a Policy for the Compensation and Reimbursement of Town Officers

Resolution 2019-003 Resolution Designating Annual Polling Place for 2020 Elections

Resolution 2019-002 Authorizing Treasurer to Transfer Funds to Pay Claims and Reimbursements

Resolution 2019-001 Appointing Vice Chair Person on the Board


Resolution 2018 Establishing a Policy for the Compensation and Reimbursement of Town Officers


Resolution 2012 Regarding Mining in Pequaywan Township


Resolution 2006 Regarding All Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution 2006 In Opposition to Proposed ATV Trail